Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ice drops

I know my little pocket camera and inexperience cannot capture
the awe I felt looking at the white oak branches that were
holding, suspended- in- ice, drops of water. It was so beautiful,magical
these ornaments of a warming day.
I feel like I am thawing,too.
Each morning I walk in the garden,
and though this time of year it is its ugliest,
I find beauty in the beast.
Soon the work will begin
and I will be filled with joy and purpose
helping to reveal the new life
just below
 the debris and leaves of the season of autumn,
cleaning up and repairing the
unintended damage of the winter
Survival....uncovered in both of us


  1. How magical .. little drops of ice. Once again the seasons change. Spring for you and Autumn for me. My little garden is beginning to look spent and summer flowers will soon be gone, but like you I am feeling ready for the change.

  2. We do thaw in springtime, too, don't we - in winter it's as if a part of us is in suspended animation, or maybe buried, like the plants, only under layers of wool and fleece.

    Lovely, as always, Suz.

  3. Joan, I was dragged into winter until I let go (which the garden aided me in) and I made an internal switch go on..and i let winter shine. Hope you enjoy your season of quiet reflection and snuggling
    Now I'm ready to party in spring

    Hi Stacy...I'm thawing for sure...it's sunny and blue skied today and I'm loving every moment of it....I even saw little bits of plants reaching upward through the soil! Joy!
    Oh I better get to walking and lifting weights if I'm going to enjoy sweet summer cotton

  4. Yes, there is beauty in the beast of winter!
    Sometimes we have only to look out the window or as you say walk in tge garden.

    Have happy and fun days.

  5. When I clicked to enlarge your photo I could see the sun shining in each of the drops. You have so much to look forward to; the promise of so much joy to come.
    I am happy with autumn, the trees will soon be a blaze of colour.


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