Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Birdwatcher

When Boo was a baby, a wee 2 week old baby, with no mama
I used to take him out in the garden to get his Vitamin D
and to let him walk around the grass and such to explore
Once he actually found a toad....well, the toad found him
to be truthful
When Boo was this little, my oldest Kitty, Webster was dying from kidney failure.
I took him outside too, his only time out in the garden, right before he died,
he sat in the sunshine.
I almost saw in his eyes..."Why did you never let me come out here before?"

I'm going to put his ashes in the garden this year,near my Buddha
so he can be outside all the time
There is danger outside for kitties......especially from people
So Boo has to stay inside too now
He loves to watch the birds and the squirrels..those nutty squirrels
that come up to the window to tease him
Boo will have to watch me in the garden from the window too
I never want him to get a taste of how glorious a garden can be
I love him too much
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  1. Oh how very sad that it's too dangerous for your kitty to go out into the garden, it is a glorious place for a cat. But how lovely you dear old friend will now be in the garden forever.

  2. How lovely that Webster will be outside now.

    We bought a used large bird aviery 18ft long with a shed attached and kitted out the flight area with poles and places to lay on raised platforms and soft grass too(and cosy beds and a litter tray inside the shed,) so that our three cats (Four cats when we got it:-( ) could enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, the wind and all the sounds and smells of nature.

    We carry them out and back in again, and know they are safe and able to enjoy the outdoors too.

    I couldn't let them run loose, as you say it just isn't safe ....though 99% of people in England do!

    I couldn't bear them not being able to experience nature, so when we say the aviery for sale on a local notice board it seemed the perfect answer.

  3. Oh Webster will love knowing you are doing that. He's prowling around up in the wild blue yonder though, you know. Your photograph of Boo is beautiful - paint it Sue! And what a lovely thing to do, Susannah - that nature place for your kitties. Their little spa.

  4. Oh ladies...fellow lovers of all things of nature and animals of the home...thank you for letting me talk about my Webster
    but I wonder...could I ever move?
    I was thinking about an enclosure of some type Susanna...but I tried that with my tortoises...lost them both..oh boo hoo sob sob..had them both for decades...
    April..I luv you for thinking I could paint that

  5. I came to see you here too - so glad that I did. I feel the same way about my little rescue cat - no outdoors for Bella! I do not want to find her hit in the road. I too have a garden Buddha! Could we please see pics of yours? Pretty please?!!!

  6. hee hee first I'll have to trick him yours
    (which told me at first sight that I would love you)
    I just bought two more today..a little one for my incense or candle
    and one for our home in Galena
    ( can never have too much grounding presence of the Buddha)

  7. Oh and bless you for protecting Bella


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