Monday, March 21, 2011

I like to think of myself as a wabi sabi wench ,too
tranquil simplicity...imperfect, natural, rustic
treasuring the passage of time
loving things that evoke
-a lonely sense of impermanence
-patinas of age
-the cycle of life and death

When I walk in the garden through the seasons
I witness it keeps me centered
calms my weary wantings at times
whispers that this is life
nothing to fear....renewal comes
in some form or another....and joy
that's what being a wabi sabi garden wench means to me

"We do love things that bear the mark of grime,
soot, and weather,and we love colors and sheen
that call to mind the past that made them.
                                      -Tanizaki Junichiro

.......Yes, I do.


  1. i love the look of rust and wear on things in the garden.
    i am feeling a little rusty and worn today.
    but with the beauty of nature, i will get my gears going and enjoy the day.
    sending lots of goodness to you.
    hugs, dogwood

  2. And I do also. Beautifully written of 'rust' of our world.

  3. Yes, this speaks to me. Thank you.

  4. I hadn't come across wabi-sabi before - a lovely approach, to find beauty in the marks of time, rather than trying always to erase them.

  5. That quote is beautiful. I like the term "patina of age." Lovely thoughts.

  6. Spot on, I love old stuff, makes me feel connected to those that lived and dreamed before us, stone steps worn by centuries of footfall, witch marks in the fireplace bessimer beam, the beauty of an ancient hedge row....charming blog.


  7. Love that ol' stuff too! Is that a horseshoe? !!! My uncles and my grandfather used to play horseshoes when I was a child.

  8. Gardening and growing plants is unlike anything I've ever done in my life. To voluntarily involve yourself as part of the complex and fascinating ecosystems around a growing plant is very healing and beautiful.

  9. Dear Suz,
    Thank you for popping along to my blog and for your kind comment, with regard to your query about witch marks, Typical marks invoke the protection of the Virgin Mary by using the letters 'VV" (which stands for Virgin of Virgins), spectacle marks to deflect the evil eye and runic symbols which were considered to have magical powers. They became widely used during the 16th 17th C (particularly during the time of the witch trials) usually carved on bressema beams and doorways to stop evil spirits entering.

  10. A post I can relate to. I really like this. We got snow and cold last night.


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