Wednesday, March 2, 2011

winter's last assemblage

A form of art involving the assembly and arrangement
of unrelated objects, parts, and materials in a kind of sculptural collage.

-Webster's New World Dictionary

This happens all the time in the
You only have to look for it.
Things such as light, branches, twigs, footprints, flowers, leaf texture,
rocks, fallen feathers, bark, water... and did I say light?
come together at different times and form
an assemblage of beauty and mystery and delight
in the garden.
Sometimes it happens around things you have added to the garden
for structure or form
but most times it's simply the elements at work
busy creating unintended still lifes
Blessed is the gardener,or wench, who walks
the hallowed ground of a garden with the eye
open for beauty
for beauty is the language
of the holy
and it brings the being


  1. I get the giggles when I see unique movement, a shadow, overturned wet leaf, dry underside, the simple things in life make my day.
    Thanks for reminding me to look up, down and all around.

  2. Oh could teach me more

  3. So true, I see so much beauty every day while walking.

  4. Oh sure do and you share it all with your wonderful photos....


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