Wednesday, March 9, 2011

survival report

Oh dear
fur pellets
Now who coughed these up?
Not what I was looking for today in the
awakening garden
But I guess it is fitting
The garden at this time of year
is the ugly duckling
Reports of survival are just about due
to be revealed
I made it
thanks to the birds, the squirrels
beautiful tree branches
revealing their form,
pine trees,a holy bit of green throughout the cold and snow
We all are handing in our reports of survival...
buds everywhere on the trees,green breaking through the earth
in every corner of the garden!
I saw the possum and raccoons this past week
sneaking around the deck after dark
the rabbits are out this morning looking around
like I am
It is cloudy,the sky.. that awful color of nothingness white
a gentle mist is covering everything
But the weatherman said it might be 50 today
It will warm the earth a bit more
and me too
I have survived the void of winter
Already I am buying things to replace
what has decayed,broken or returned to the earth
as I wish it to
I bought new iron deck planters...
a new Buddha
heavenly blue morning glory seeds
a new little fairy riding a snail to tuck in behind the hostas
I love surprises in the garden
and I am dreaming and planning of a raised flowerbed
somewhere in the open what is now lawn area
my husband will not don't need more he will say
But he is not a garden wench
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  1. I love that - the reports of survival. This is such a time of internal renewal, the real New Year's Day for reflecting and clearing out and assessing damage and beginning new adventures. I don't *really* like to think that we are all coughing up psychic fur pellets, but perhaps at heart we are?

  2. Those who are not garden wenches do not understand. "pine trees,a holy bit of green": I love that!

  3. I plan on taking a walk around mine this weekend.
    Temps should be around 50, drizzly but warm enough to wander:)

  4. You do know who left those pellets, right? OWLS. I hope you catch a glimpse of them (and get some photos). Maybe your long-earreds are back?

    Love your beautiful sentiment, garden wench.

  5. you think,really it could be owls? I dared to have a fleeting thought when I saw them...but I haven't seen them
    nor many bunnies..OH-maybe my squirrel! Oh no
    I have been watching everyday for the owls return..but never do I see a tuft of feathers sticking out from the pine branch...but maybe they live somewhere else nearby...oh joy
    I would count that experience right up pin my top 10.. 3 longearred owls in my garden for 2 weeks

  6. I think they could be owl pellets, although hawks do cough them up, too. Do you see little bones in them? Maybe if you slip out late at night you will catch a glimpse of one.


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