Thursday, March 3, 2011

The garden brings out my gypsy

Ah, lots of work ahead,
isn't it exciting?
I saw green grass yesterday near the retreating ice

It's how I feel and living
Lots of debris to remove, things to cut back
winter shelter no longer needed
exposure is what we need..soon soon
letting the new growth of what is perennial break forth and grow
and the bulbs..those little gems in a fist...miracles really
like me....once a little bulb
now a grown gardener
Not a Latin name kind of garden
But the kind of gardener that I am as a person
free, wild,beautiful,and joyful
following my instincts, like the wards of my garden ( oh that Harry Hawk)
and each and every flower ,tree and bush that is in my garden
grow and be beautiful..enjoy the rain, the wind ,the sun
This is your life... and mine
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  1. Welcome to your spring Suz.. As the leaves begin to change colour here.. the seasons dance goes on.

  2. are my inspiration

  3. A very enlightening way to welcome spring, as a gardener, deep in your soul, once a little bulb, now a grown gardener~~~~very cool

  4. So many miracles in a garden,like the mighty oak growing from a tiny acorn, like a beautiful spring flower growing from a bulb; the joys of Nature. I love watching each season as it comes, each one different but so special. Enjoy your spring.

  5.'re a bulb grown up too
    Marilyn...Oh I love oaks..There was on growing from an acorn (duh, that sounds dumb) but what I mean is it was one of my tree's acorns...Notice the past tense....the landscaper thought he was doing me a favor and yanked it hoo
    sometimes people do that to each other
    Enjoy your autumn....


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