Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up at 5:30
so sleepy lately...grief does that to you
but I opened my eyes to light of morning
and heard the robins declaring the day
and I swung my feet out of bed and headed for a cup of coffee
I grasped that cup and tried to be in the moment with my cup of coffee
the cup white and round
my hands chilly... as my fingers wrapped around it
I closed my eyes and felt my fingers warm
ever so slowly and then I tipped the cup to my mouth and felt my breath come back to me
in a whispery warmth...and I emptied my mind and enjoyed the warm flavor filled
joy entering my body
My kitty Boo wanted to be fed..and interrupted my practice of nothingness
but while feeding him I looked out the window and saw the light
passing through the garden
I heard it call me and I left the warmth of kitchen
and entered the chilly morning magic of morning garden
Again..I tried to be in the moment
closed my eyes and listened to the chorus of birds in my trees
and the peeping of baby birds hiding everywhere in the brush
I took my slippers off (oh did I tell you I was still in my pj's?)
felt the wet dewy grass between my toes and let the sun of morning
hit my face....turn up my lips into a smile
and I was filled with joy
for life
my life
that I have given another day to get it right


  1. We have to be thankful for our morning routines and rituals:) Everything takes time to process. Each experience, both good and bad, has a message for us. We just need that time to process. Hang in there. PS. I'm still in my PJ's:)

  2. I too am grateful for another day to be a little bit better than the day before! I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!

  3. I am grateful for each new day too. Each one is a gift. : )

  4. so thankful that time is stretching wide
    for you to take the tiny steps
    your heart must take
    day by day
    sometimes hour by hour
    to heal.
    sending love and care,

  5. You just expressed the way I feel early in the morning also in my P.J.'s. with a cup of java. It's wonderful to hear the birds starting their morning off so happy and full of life. I try to think about this while working with such grumpy people.
    Extending a hug your way today because you are special.

  6. "...given another day to get it right." Oh yes, Suz. I love this. You are so much like me in your love of nature and the garden. I could have written this last week.
    We need to find solace in simple things. But... it's hard.


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