Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now I know this isn't my garden,
but my dear friend Karen took me out for wonderful day of wandering
First we had lunch in an old river town, in a building that is older than ..say garden dirt
We blabbed while enjoying the most delicious green pepper soup

We visited , what I think is the last Ben Franklin around
I bought a new bird feeder.... :)

Then we visited a public garden
I love visiting gardens.....dreaming, stealing ideas
chatting with others about this plant or that one
that I don't have

(Would you believe that the landscaper actually pulled out my last remaining prairie milkweed!
I even had a tomato cage around it
and they yanked out my Culver's root
and, won't believe this
and didn't hear a thing...
oh dear.....better get a dog
cats are useless)

When I happened upon this part of the garden
I was so
..a spiritual meaning....loved it
Then my friend Karen pointed to the sign

hee hee giggle giggle
Must be the Coven story I am working on!

dreamy combination

and butterfly weed.....oh sigh.....mine has faded into oblivion
must get some more and plant it full sun this time

Oh this blue

and have you ever seen a more beautiful poppy?
the petals as soft as  baby's skin

and on our way out.....a pond
and oh dear.....a frog
I love frogs
have I told you I love frogs?
Thanks Karen...for the day of
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  2. Hello there!!! Oh my much to say. Well I love your part of the world during summer....and your pics show it. We just got back yesterday and of course it flew by much too quickly but we had a nice visit with our family. Now about your pics and thoughts. That soup looks pepper soup!! Yum! Another bird feeder is NEVER a bad thing:) It will keep your winters warm. And as for the milkweed....I'm a little angry about that one. What is it with yard help??!! I'm so glad we fired ours and while my place may be a little wild at times, plants aren't being hacked to death by uneducated people. Milkweed is a gift. In fact, I'm going to write a post on it in July. Once it's removed, it's hard to reestablish again on a property....PLUS it's THE plant to have on the property for butterflies like the Monarch! Grrr.....I will say this....I have to take a break from food. My mother made way too much and my shorts are very tight so I am fasting this week:) I love a farmer's breakfast. We don't have that here and so everyday we began our adventure with a big breakfast....yum yum yum!!! Glad to be back reading your work and hope you're out enjoying the wonderful weather!!:)

    1. I know you are glad to be back home...but I know it was a thrill for your family to see you in the flesh...not just skype....they do have skype don't they?
      Don't say that about the milkweed! I am going to go on a field trip along roadways and steal some seeds ....I know what an insect magnet they are..and they smell so good at night.....Ha...waistline.....yeah, we midwesterners love our breakfasts....

  3. Sounds like a great day! I liked the pizza garden!! : )

    1. wasn't that thinking it was some mystical garden!!

  4. Suz,
    What a great day you and your friend had. Thanks for sharing the pictures they are always great and the frog was a bonus. I love frogs but haven't seen very many in the last couple of years.
    Glad you bought yourself a little treat the birds will love you even more.

    1. I did witch...she knew just where to take me to cheer me up.....oh frogs....and turtles.....I have a toads in the especially....I know where he is a thrill when he hops out

  5. What a lovely day and what a thoughful friend.

  6. You mean your cat didn't come and tell you what was happening. CATS these days... you just can't rely on them. HA!
    I have never seen such a pretty poppy. Do you know what kind it was?
    The frog photo is wonderful. I'm glad you had such a nice day.


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