Wednesday, June 20, 2012

its aroma fills the yard
like lilac
soon it will turn yellowy and the berries will
weigh the branch down
the birds love it

some of my garden beauties this day
My poison ivy rash is almost least itching has stopped
but I am terrified to weed another thing
my lck this season hasn't been so good
This morning spent at my husband's sister's funeral
58....too young
hard life
But all life is really hard...that's how I see it
it's the choices we make along the way
that sometimes save us....mostly save us
no, do save us

The birdbaths are drying up so quickly in this heat
and I can't keep up with the feeders either
life...has been so interferring into my joy here
maybe soon Ill get a reprieve
I so need to get lost in flowers
and sun and wind and birdsong
happy day of summer


  1. Dear Suz, your flowers and gardens are so so lovely...I love 'wandering' through them with you. My heart is heavy with your is often a cruel taskmaster, I think. A friend gave me a tiny notebook as a gift today. On the front is a picture of a teacup/saucer and it says "She sat down before breakfast. Decided how to spend her day: climb trees. Run fast. Sing at the top of her lungs. Do the dishes tomorrow." It is a perfect expression of my soul. Sending Summer dreams, fairy wings, angels, birds, blossoms and magic carpets for you to soar on...
    Hugs and Blessed Be

    1. thanks dishes tomorrow

  2. Glad your poison ivy is on the mend. If you weed again, just make sure you come in every so often and wash good. You get the rash from the oils and I think you get 20 minutes to wash it away.

    Always like to visit with you in your garden. : )

  3. I think your summer garden is helping you through this terrible time. Keep listening to what it is saying to you. Walk in it, look for the beauty and keep filling the birdbaths. This act of doing, for a place that you love, will take you from "mourning into morning". C.

  4. Oh my goodness. What a year! I love the flowers you have going on in the garden. Was it an unexpected passing? I think those are THE worst. Lost a friend last year and hadn't been ready for that one! I agree with is hard. The garden keeps my mind from sad thoughts. The birds are always waiting for food and water:) Here as well. It's super hot and I have to fill that birdbath daily with fresh water. Hang in there.

  5. elderberry....such a romantic name.
    it is hard, life....and the choices
    are gold in our hands, aren't they.
    sending love and big hope for peace
    in the journey,

  6. I'm so sorry for all this sadness, Sue. Just sit, when you can, in the respite of your garden.


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