Friday, June 22, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea wants out

I need eric the bug guy to tell me not to panic
what are those things!
nasty looking ...and with my allergies....
do I hear anyone say epipen
come winter.....gone

I try to stir joy in my being everyday
but with a lead heartache weighing me down
it is a big task
and today as I walked around and observed the goings on in the garden
I was no accident that the good Lord began it all in a garden
placed humans there to breathe their first exhale
as God breathed into them the breath of life
Am I  seeking a recharge?
lately I feel guilty sitting and walking in the garden
unable to work in the garden.......too many rashes
having a garden you can't work in is almost poison fruit
Oh well....I feel better telling you this..
The chicadees are gone, the juncos are gone
the cardinals and robins are still here....and this morning I heard the call of the crow

new blooms

the asters are blooming already!?

this is the new bird feeder I told you about
its for mealworms
...but I hate I have put seed in it
take me to your people


  1. Love the new addition. Nice blue!! It's been a hot one, hasn't it? All your flowers look must have many butterflies all around! And ick!!! What is that gooey bug thing? I try not to get grossed out by that stuff...but ew....I hope Bug Eric has an answer for you:) They look like hornets inside.

    1. they are baldheaded hornets...yikes

  2. I thought hornets nest too when I saw it, but I'm sure bug Eric will know for sure--I'd try not to worry too much and focus on your beautiful flower garden!! I love this time of year!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. i wish i lived near you....i'd come over
    and be your hands and feet for while
    while you mend.
    sending love and thanks for sharing the beauty
    and hope for peace
    settling in all over:)

    1. I wish you did too
      we would communicate without a single word spoken
      we gypsy women of the joplin clan


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