Saturday, June 9, 2012


Ms Kitty O'Shea wants to go outside
I may just have to find an enclosure for her
so she can get some vitamin D too
I pruned today
all day...and weeded
gosh....why do weeds grow so easily?
... planted a new plant today,
chocolate Joe-pye weed
Ever heard of it?
Supposed to be small clumping
about 4ft....we'll see

The day in the garden
alone with my thoughts


  1. Too hot and windy here to be in the garden much. Sounds like you had a productive day!

  2. There really is joy found in the garden, isn't there? I'm finding it picking blackberries! :-)

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  3. thanks for sharing your garden joy
    ....drinking in the beauty.

  4. A lovely day in your garden. Looks like that squirrel is playing peek a boo with you. : )

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day puttering around the garden, Suz. I love seeing pics of it. My poor kitties desperately want to go out on the balcony during the day when the birds and squirrels are at the feeders, too, but I only let them out at night after the birds are in bed. Ms. O'Shea looks a lot like my Charlie-- big and fluffy and cuddley.

  6. I must probably have the best garden art from any of the places I have visited. It's not that cheap silly looking really looks nice. Love the glass elements around your place. A big squeeze for your kitty:)


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