Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm not very talkative lately
nor word-ly inspired
All the more reason I need my garden
It soothes me
unfolds beauty to me
makes joy rise in me
Like early yesterday morning
when I was out putting in some new butterfly weed
that I bought in Galena
Well I was poking around in the soil
happy as a kid in the sandbox
when I headr this low hummmmm
I looked around and there it was
not a foot away from me....a beautiful hummingbird in the beebalm
poking away himself
I stayed perfectly still and watched him do his work
and then he zipped up....hovered and was gone
joy....for me
Early this morning I took a walk around
assessing the work to be done before the 102 degree heat of tomorrow
and I was quiet and stood over the garden
and watched my visitors......bugs and a mouse
a toad, a cedar waxwing,robins,goldfinches
so much to see this morning dill....I have to stroke it as I pass by....releases a childhood memory of home

this flicked

This tree just grew here by itself...not sure what it is...may be a cherry tree
but the waxwings love it stays
May you find joy this day is there


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! You have been blessed with a hummingbird visit. Your flowers are beautiful right now...the bees and oh my....the dragonfly!!!! Nice pictures!!! I'd probably do the same with the dill if I had it in my garden:)

    Sometimes it's not about the's more about the vibe:) And pictures capture that nicely:) Such a beautiful garden you have....all that planning has paid off:)

    1. oh did you say planning....oh not so much...I'm a wench....I gather and then find a place for it all.....ha ha

  2. How soothing and peaceful your garden looks. : )

  3. Beautiful. a loved garden brings such peace that even the insects know it's safe.
    Lovely photos!


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