Thursday, June 7, 2012

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  1. I loved everything except for the rat at the end. Ha! Beautiful.

  2. Such a lovely garden! Well, with the exception of the last picture :-/. I'm afraid that would make me stay out of the garden the rest of the year. I just may take your suggestion of using some of my rescued fence for a Clematis. I have two of them that just won't do anything on the metal trellis I have them planted at. Maybe the fence section would give the roots more shade.

  3. I thought maybe it was a vole. Not sure what they look like though. Kind of like that, I think. Beautiful garden pix as usual, Sue.

    1. I was hoping you saw the wee mouse APril...only you and I respect its presence in the theme of things
      Now a mouse in the house...well...that's a different thing.....never have had one...not here not at our country house.....either
      it grabbed a fallen sunflower seed and scurried away


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