Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nothing prettier than a rescued rose

my morning visitors

The beebalm is blooming

and queen of the prarie is getting ready to

I forgot I had planted this lily
late last summer
I like it

It has been hot today
and we have a water ban
so I went out just now to hand water
my babies....and the toad...ran across my path
right by those flagstones in the path
and he couldn't get over the landscape edging
so I gave him a boost
Oh ...and did I tell you...I think I have poison ivy?!?!?
another rash...what has leaves of three?!?!
good grief
where did that come from
the birds?

good night


  1. thanks for sharing
    the beauty of your world
    ...hope the poison ivy
    is quickly dried
    and sent packing
    (i'm sure you know about tecnu?
    wonderful stuff)
    garden joy,

  2. Beautful, Sue.....oh, oh but stay away from those three-leafers.

  3. Enjoyed the look at your garden today. : )
    Too bad about the poison ivy. Hope it clears up soon.

  4. I like all the garden fun going on....lots to respond to here. I like the little surprises like the things we plant and forget about.....little gifts that pop up:) Unfortuneatly, the poison ivy!!!! Ugh! Probably a bird or rodent. Last year I had the same issue....poison from a plant on my skin which caused a very bad rash!! I had no idea about the water rationing going on but I know it's dry. With that said, your garden looks favorites on this outing...the moth find and beebalm:)


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