Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have not seen the hummingbird at this beebalm
but I saw him again early this morning
having a sip with the red beebalm

ah...the Joe-Pye weed is about to bloom
It seems this year it isn't so tall
as in years past

oh how I love the daisies...these have risen high this year

the false indigo has set pods already
a bit of winter color to come

and the roadside asters are starting to bloom in the back "40"
I wonder what will be left to bloom come juy and august?

and look at this big it has gotten
It is the nest of the bald headed hornet
yikes.....stay away
but gone in winter....first thing on my list come Late december

If I had my way I would have more and more of these
so beautiful are lillies

but I am getting tired of fighting grape vine and woodbine

This is my new chocolate joe-pye weed....
I think it is going to be happy here

I am having a hard time keeping my potted plants hydrated
and today the heat will be blistering
I'm not feeling well today so it is just as well
that I stay inside on the sofa
drinking tea and eating soda crackers
Hope you find some joy in garden today
while I rest
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  1. I have never seen that deep purple bee balm---O I simply have to have some of that :D. Your garden is sooooo inviting with the shade that you have. It's blistering hot here too, and I don't have big old trees to offer any shade :(, so I too am being forced to hibernate in the A/C (and as grateful as I am to have A/C, I HATE having to stay indoors :0 Rest and feel better soon

    1. Oh it a pretty purple I got them at farmer's market about 2 years ago
      I made sure I planted trees the minute we moved into our new landscraped home.....17 years later the trees are nice

  2. You have some good looking flowers. Those lilies are nice.
    I'm off to throw water on my plants. Hope you have a lot of ice. I'm gonna need some of that tea in a bit!

    1. thanks...I love lillies
      especially these dark red ones
      I have my eyes on some red red hollyhocks that I saw in Galena Il....when they go to seed Im bringing a plastic baggy :)

  3. i wish you shelter in the swelter, friend.
    may cool breezes stir,


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