Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today it is 54
chilly,sweater weather
How do robins bathe in cold water
and why?
Summer is approaching
but not today
except can see the march forward

Lady's Mantle blooming
alongside a single spring bloom of wild Columbine

and the Annabelles are gearing up
to wear their white gowns

and the Solomon seal has set its seeds
I hope a few are not eaten

and OH...look at this cutie chirping
by the hostas...under the serviceberries
waiting for parent to come
How alike we humans are

and the mock orange is blooming
scenting the garden...with a childhood memory
of walking home from school
envious of our neighbor's bushes
Why could my parents not have these?
like Mr. Ebersburger ?

oh and look....a flock that has hidden from bunny
still blooming
maybe for me
how sweet are those flowers

St.John's wort.....a survivor
I had ten bushes of them and had them taken out...
I couldn't go near them, so loaded with bees were they
the bushes literally hummed
Pretty plant....but in moderation
today I could use their medicinal property

Oh little baby robin
mama has snatched a hawthorne berry for you

I don't know what has happened here with the harebells
they seem to be dying out
These are wildflowers that were given to me long ago from a long gone neighbor
5 houses ago....I would hate to lose them
maybe I need to pay more attention to their needs

and the oriental lily has opened this morning
where yesterday it was just a closed bud
hmmm....I wish I could open this morning too

Here next to Joe-Pye weed hides the spiderwort
precious fleeting flowers that live a day
but oh how they are loved by me

The yellow loosestrife has opened
myhusband does not like them
says they take over
yes...they take over
my heart

Oh I see you found the seat
I placed in the gaden

and you found rest on one of the many dead branches I have scattered about
just for such an ocassion
of need've got to love them

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  1. Your garden is just lovely!!! With nothing in bloom right now, its a real treat to see your pictures reminding me of what I have to look forward too! The Robins are just precious!! Our Phoebe is back and sitting on the nest for the 2nd round of motherhood this summer, she's one busy bird!

    Enjoy your Thursday!

    1. thanks....I've only seen one phoebe and it was on nest!
      lucky you.....and the garden is in a rush to bloom....what does it know that we don't know?

  2. Looking good. Everyone's mock orange is blooming right now. I'm hoping we have some more of that cool weather as we'll be home again in several days visiting Wisconsin. It'll be a nice break from the weather. Enjoy!:)

  3. Oh the baby robin is so cute. I love to watch robins.

  4. Awww, I feel rested as I slowly visited each of your lovely blooms. And then, there again, is that darling little robin. Yes, we do have to love those babies. We have baby robins, bluebirds, tree swallows and phoebes at the moment. Not to forget the fawns we have been fortunate to watch throughout the edge of the woods and the tall grasses of the field. What a pleasure spring is.
    Have a nap or two in our early sunshine. It froze last night here but already is in the upper 60's as I hung bedding in the fresh air.

  5. The Mock Orange fragrance brings memories back to me also.
    This is a lovely post and needed this week.

  6. thanks for such a beautiful post! You know the old saying about loving that which you serve? when we put so many hours into caring for our gardens, we love them! you are so lucky to have so many garden animals!


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