Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The wench has been busy lately
and the garden shows it
but I think it is all right
things are letting go
all on their own

Do you remember last year when in fit of tidiness
I cut the stem of my newly planted Autumn Joy Clematis?
How I cried....wailed.....that I committed murder
and just when it was about to open its flowers?
Well,it has come back!
...remind me to get an arbor or trellis for it next year!

Can you see his ears?
He's hiding in the weed patch
a favorite place...I see him often
as he rushes behind the mugos
for safety..today I guess I snuck up on him
...he froze...and I spoke to him
but he doesn't understand anything but RUN
I guess his mom taught him that

At a bbq on Saturday the host
who had a fabulous garden
told me he shoots rabbits that get near his prize dahlias
my heart broke

the world will always be filled with such
but not in my Open Bar of Joy


  1. The animals must bless you for the safe haven you create for them.
    I love these glimpses into your garden, into your world.

  2. Aww I love that cute little bunny! Took me a minute to see it :)

    Happy your plant grew back!

  3. So much wonder and beauty. My heart broke also when I read about the 'host' that shoots the bunnies. There are those around all of us who haven't learned the full measure of love and sharing between humankind and nature. You are a kindred spirit of mine, ms. wench! :)

  4. Angie, we are kndred spirits
    ..a wonderful thing...when you meet one


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