Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so pretty waving in the garden
this time of year
I have learned that goldenrod was a
seasonal indicator plant for the native American tribe Omaha
While on their summer buffalo hunt  :(
it served as a floral calendar... when they saw it
they knew that back home their corn was beginning to ripen

They also used the plant to make a tea to treat heart ailments
and a topical treatment for muscle cramps
and a pain killer for bee stings

Sort of gives you a new respect for this common weed garden plant

yellow goldenrod
the summer hunt is over
a new season stings


  1. And a tough weed it is.....grows almost anywhere!

  2. Yes! A weed is a plant who's virtues have not yet been discovered. Or in this case...forgotten.
    By the way the painting of the guard dog is henriette ronner knip.


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