Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is one of those things in the garden that makes me stop 
every time I pass it
The lamb lying down with the lion
Takes trust

As I get older....soon to be 61
I often think
Is this my last garden
Is this my last time of 
seeing it 
smelling it
touching it
tasting it
of loving it?

Yet, I don't worry about it

I trust.


  1. Love the lion and lamb in you garden.
    Trust is a very good word to keep close to our hearts.
    Enjoy you day.
    Hugs, Cory

  2. Deep thoughts!! I think about that as well....last fall, last Christmas, last time seeing my makes you appreciate every moment that much more. And getting older is like a good bottle of wine. Every little subtle taste is appreciated more with an experienced palate. And that's why aging is divine!

  3. Yes, trust - and live in the moment and experience everything as if it is for the last time - the rewards are huge.

  4. Hi Suz! I haven't been spending but much time in blogland lately but I think I am back. Love your post. Wondering if this is your last look at the garden really makes you appreciate it.

  5. 61 this year too and cannot believe how alike we continue to be...hmm
    Love your dodads too...all of them.


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