Saturday, September 10, 2011

The asters are blooming
how I love them
but they signal that time marches on
soon it will be getting darker much sooner and it will be much colder
and the light in the garden will change
But it's all right

I'm ready, in fact, I wait for it.
Ever since the fox came to me
then died near me
Life in the garden has taken on a different tone

The robins are less frequent now...they sing no more
the goldfinches are looking less yellow

I think of my fox and how he chose to die here
His passing... has affected me in the garden
I can see his bones under the deck
a blanket of sadness I have to admit has colored everything
even when I thought it didn't
A reminder how connected we all are
and how death is part of the living experience
now autumn
The season has come to my garden to die
I will watch over it like I did the poor old fox
I will honor its passing
I will go inside


  1. What a beautiful post about the passing of life as a part of the passing of the season. How special that he chose your garden to lay down for the last time.

  2. How sad about your sweet little fox, but he came to pass where he felt the safest. Such a touching post Suz.

  3. Bittersweet reference to the past, present and coming of the seasons. Your fox was one fortunate one to find you.
    Loving the asters too and the last few roses.

  4. A lovely tribute to your friend the fox....
    You are a caring person.


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