Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She's almost naked now,
her shaply figure quickly becoming undressed.
But like me, she is not afraid to be naked,
to stand as a beautiful creation
of God.
For it is what we are made of, not what covers us
this is our structure.
In the end, as we head into the season of winter,
let us stand proudly in our gardens.


  1. I'm jealous...fall. What a wonderful time of year! Beautiful poem.

  2. You know, I am excited about the cooler weather and a bit sad about seeing color leave my days in the garden. But I am going to have a different attitude about it this year....I will stand in winter...and Fall before it...embracing them
    PS..A good time to visit WIsc.

  3. I used to dread autumn as it led into winter which I didn't like at all but a couple of years ago I made up my mind to love each season for what it brings and it has made such a difference, I have been so rewarded.

  4. Lovely poem Suz, and a lovely photo. The tree that overhangs my deck is losing a lot of leaves now, and the day has been very cool. I'm an Autumn person so all that fresh, cool air blowing into the house made me feel so good.

  5. Gosh, it seems like just yesterday you were writing about your barren garden and longing for spring. Beautiful words, love, love, love what you are saying.

  6. Beautiful tree. Beautiful poetry.

  7. Beautiful tree. Beautiful poetry.

  8. Come way north where the colors are just beginning to show. I'm afraid they will not last long tho, as late fall and early winter will come too soon to cover us all.
    Love your entries. You are a fine poet, young Suz.


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