Sunday, September 11, 2011

This morning
above me
high in the sky
flew a red jet
I remember the day
10 years ago
that all planes were grounded
and I stood with my neighbors
in disbelief

The remembering of this was eerie
the numbness
the heartsickness
the fear

But today, I saw
 a red jet fly overhead
and morning glories that had opened


  1. Just beautiful!
    Just right...
    Thank you, Suz.

  2. Thank you...
    the morning glories are lovely...they are doing what morning glories do...
    They are blooming...

  3. Nature carries on... I so remember that heartsickness too of what mankind can do to another.

    I thank Goodness for Nature.

  4. I love the colors in your poetry. Makes it so real and visual. A sad day. But, I love the look of hope in your morning glories. I love the blue ones. Julie too. I have the magenta ones and they are taking over the house. I love them too though.

  5. I think many millions all over the world breathed a sigh of relief when your (and our) anniversary passed without incident.
    We are preparing to migrate south with the birds too. Tiziana is nearing the end of her refit... and about time. It has been many months of what is a bit like gardening. You plant the seed, (idea) tend the plants (fix the problems) then enjoy the fruit (open the champagne).
    Your summer seems so short to we of the land of never ending sunshine.

  6. why Stafford, how nice of you to stop for a are a good soul...our seasons are over so quickly....neverending sunshine..hmmm...if the temp is around 75..I'm in
    Glad your beloved Tiziana is fixed and ready to head you think your little bird will follow?
    I think I will open a bottle of champagne too..
    and yes it was a deep sigh...
    it truly was a trauma that we here went through


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