Monday, September 26, 2011

Gloomy skies and wet earth greet me on my walk this morning
There is a chill in the air
Last night I noticed how quickly it got dark...where have I been
that I haven't noticed this before?

Soon there will be time for inside things 
of the heart that need contemplating
before a roaring fire or over a hot bowl of soup
or sipping a good glass of wine

Autumn and winter are seasons set forth for quiet growth
and a time to romance ones self
I too, have set seeds like 
the white oak 
Her acorns look almost human like...the tree's destiny clipped to a leaf
that will soon fall to the earth in a blaze of yellow,then
lay dormant in the bitter cold
 under protective snow
waiting for warm days
to awaken it to life


  1. "the tree's destiny clipped to a leaf" ... I really like that line. Well, I like ALL of it, but that line really jumped out at me. Beautiful imagery.

  2. Beautiful words and look at that beautiful acorn! Yes, it's so very dark in the morning when i get up too and stays that way for a while. You know me -up with the roosters! I think they're still sleeping too.

  3. Gorgeous picture of the acorn looking so grand with it's cap on.
    Of course the poetry was wonderful too.
    I just love the Fall with all natures magical colors and wonderful smells.


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