Thursday, September 8, 2011

My husband had to go to a retirement party tonight
so I had to handle this fella all by myself
The poor possum was not looking to peppy
So I placed the net handle down the window well
and went inside and opened the window....carefully
The critter was very still
I turned the net toward his body which was huddled in the corner
then  took a long duster and prodded him into the net.....hoop tee do!
Quickly I raised the guy all the way up to the top and let the net go
and so he ran...........

there's a million stories in the naked city
...and this has been one of them                                   :)


  1. You did it!!! Poor little guy. I'm so glad you got him out. The well would have been his death!

  2. Oh boo hoo I am so glad someone cares about him too!
    he's not just a an ugly my neighbor says

  3. They are such interesting creatures.
    Thank you for being so careful and kind to one of God's creature.

  4. Perhaps your dear would help you place a screen over the window well for safer keeping for the critters...just a thought.
    Thanks for saving another of God's creatures.
    Thanks also for the suggestion of a relaxing stay in the Windy City...but
    I freak out having to even drive in a small town...can you imagine?

  5. DAR...WHAT!?!
    This makes me laugh....a woman of your I say
    the thing you fear....go there

    I'll meet you

    and yes.....I am getting a new cover today

  6. Farmlady.....I just love creatures...especially ones that grace my garden
    they belong too
    and I have been blessed with a big heart for all you

  7. Awww. I have to tell Julie and Rob. Good work!


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