Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh my.
Look who fell down into the window well by the lillies
poor little fella
I tried to get him out like I did the muskrat babylast year... with a fishing net....
but this fella played dead
wouldn't move
I put a ladder down there
then went downstairs and opened the window
to see if he'd awake....nope
I slipped in a bowl of water and an apple
oh, and I covered hm with a dark cloth
so he thinks he's hiding and not so exposed
Am I nuts or what?
I think Himself is going to have to help me on this caper
poor little creature
I hope he makes it

Oh the drama of a garden


  1. My neighbor had the same problem recently and they called the police who sent animal control. Their possum was not going to go peacefully!!! He was crazy wild!!

  2. ah...they probably killed him

    I got mine out just fine
    with a fishing net....

  3. Be very careful, Suz. If he's kind of lethargic he might be sick.
    He's a sweet little thing but just be careful.

  4. I read your post

    anyway...he's out and about and so am I thank goodness

  5. Aww poor little guy! He looks so helpless!


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