Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is entering the garden on the dark side

shade...I rather love shade

love the plants in early spring that like shade
growing under other plants that are still asleep
Oh this wench feels the pull of certain season change
although today it is to be in the high 90's
oh dear...I think I'll sit right here
and have a glass of cold water with a slice of lemon
and do some sketching today
I sketch..did you know that?
maybe I'll sketch that spider web from yesterday
oh, but that would be sitting in the bright sunlight
no,I'll find something here... right where I am
and that is the secret, isn't it
right here, where we are


  1. What a lovely place just to sit and think! I can't draw, so that's what I'd have to do! :-)

  2. I didn't know you sketch ...this is what I am trying to learn just now. There are so many things I would love to be able to capture in a sketch.

    I would love to see your sketches as you so so much of wonder and joy in your garden.

  3. such a pretty entrance to your garden, Sue. Yes, and you have such a lovely place to sit and sketch.


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