Friday, September 30, 2011

city farmer

I have always kept this blog about my garden
...a very hard thing to do
How much can one write about the same space
day after day
That is the joy actually..looking
observing,listening,touching, smelling

But I spent the day with my grandson , Finn
and I spotted this growing on his block in the city

Oh I know the heart of that person who set those seeds
and stood back and hoped
bless the city farmer
who can't help himself
the urge to grow so strong
The seeds were cast too late
these will never bare corn
But it is a beacon of hope in a city
sometimes too bleak for many
I hope passersby
partook in its harvest of joy


  1. Loved your fall pic yesterday. I know I's hard to write on your own garden when there are other things of interest as well. I love it! Have a good weekend. Chris:)

  2. I love City Gardening and Gardens. In the area where we live in SF, there are lots of community gardens. Each little patch of dirt is full of lots of wonderous plants. Fun...

  3. I came to you via Uma's blog...each one of yours holds treasure and a pleasant visit for me...

  4. the cats of Curlz and it!
    thank you for stopping by...sit we'll have some tea....
    now to hop over and visit you...friend of Uma...whom I luv

  5. Love that - growing in the city. Don't you wonder who?

  6. I often notice lovingly tended and immaculate little gardens around city houses - especially in older suburbs. And when the house is small and compact, I usually imagine the owner is a retired man or woman with lots of time to spare and a long-cherished love for growing things. And I always assume I'd have plenty to talk about with these mystery gardeners, and would enjoy their company. I suppose there must be bad-tempered, rude, unpleasant gardeners. But I've just never met any.


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