Wednesday, June 29, 2011

 Clematis flower
feet in darkness, head in light
how did you know this?


  1. Great shots!! I love Clematis too! When my wasn't growing at my last house, someone told me the same kind of thing, 'cool feet and warm head.' It worked and I remembered that when I planted it here at my new house.

  2. The Clematis is beautiful, Suz. Looks like your garden is bursting with color and life. Love how you made peace with the bunny. I have been watching baby birds being fed by their parents near my feeders, too, and it is such a joyful sight. I like the sounds of the chickadees in the trees.

    I'm sorry Handsome has disappeared, that must be difficult.

  3. Beautiful color on the clematis, Suz.I don't know if you have seen my comments on my mystery plant, It started from a bulb that a squirrel or something had buried in my whiskey barrel. I found it when I was checking the soil to see if it needed new dirt. It turned out to be an umbrella plant. I had it under my header on my blog but took it off . Shade of bloom is just a little lighter color than your clematis.


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