Saturday, June 11, 2011

 The goldfinches have become accustomed to seed being there
in the candle cups of the chandelier hanging in the garden
Little yellow bickering buggers
they have even brought their young
to learn the way of the chandelier
Lately so much rain....rain...rain...and more rain
I think of fox under the deck
now only bones and teeth
I hope you are running free
on the other side
I will forever hold you in my being
 a messenger
I too am fox woman
one who walks on the edge of two worlds
...everything is blooming around you
and in me too



  1. Hello foxy lady,
    I like this reflective piece. I also like your garden art. I'd say it looks elvish:) Have an enjoyable weekend. Chris

  2. Happy weekend to you.
    Your garden is so so wonderful.
    I wonder if your rain has stopped.
    Beautiful weekend here in No CA.
    Hugs Cory/Dogwood


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