Monday, June 6, 2011

 One can never have enough bird bathes in ones garden
This one caught my fancy, but its bowl is glass
we'll see how long it takes before Mr. Squirrel
jumps in it and it flips off its base and breaks
I saw the goldfinches dipping their beaks in this morning
a joyful many baby birds running through the grass
and garden following their moms and pops
joy...I need more joy for these eyes
and the birds and bees and toads do this for me Handsome still


  1. I see bees stopping by my bird bath for water too.

  2. I've been seeing lots of baby birds around here, too, and it's been great fun. I love catching the mama or papa feeding the babies. Lots of house finches and gold finches.

    I hope Handsome shows up ...

  3. oh no, kitty missing?
    So sorry.

  4. Oh, is that a "beauty"! So different; I have never seen one like that. Beauty in your beautiful garden.


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