Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 Summer has officially begun
Now is the time to enter joy
for everything rises
and light...that element that awes my being
is at its best
the rising sun as it strikes across the lawn and awakening flowers and trees and bushes
and grasses
moving slowly above high in the sky
until that time when the robins sing at the top of the house
sunset is a lullaby through their beaks
straight into my heart
Today sunshine all day....80's
but it is a Finn day...so garden I sweep my hand across you like the sunlight
grow grow grow


  1. so garden I sweep my hand across you like the sunlight...love this kiddo
    Your garden is lovely

  2. Lovely poem. No wonder you guys celebrate your seasons. This garden was a snowdrift not so long ago! BTW, Australian rabbits eat thistle... better send you some of each!
    The garden gnome.

  3. Stafford...they do really?
    ah the seasons....I used to love them all...now I and Mr. Winter square off
    he comes too soon and stays too long
    and gray days are not my cup of joy..though I try..really I do.. to take a walk in the garden of snow and barren things and find joy
    so good to hear from you Stafford of the garden..lately you have been doing a super job

  4. How lovely! That early morning light really brings things to life, doesn't it?

  5. behind the crazy sudden change of temp here in burlington, i am still postive we'll gonna have a good summer....

    esp seeing the flowers to the blooms. and driving from downtown burlington to our home is so green... i love it...


  6. Soon you can put Finn to work in your garden!


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