Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is not the peony that bends to the ground
 bends to its fate
just as lovely and alluring
and filled with romance
as the lucky one that was spared the high winds and rain?
It is we who must bow
to love her


  1. Did you write that????
    Wow, yes right on.
    I've waited three years for my bare root peony to bloom. And now it is, just like yours. Perfection.
    Thanks for being so sweet to me.

  2. ah Bethany..it is you that has made my world better..and yes, I wrote that ... glad you liked my broken pot path...

  3. We are the ones who bow to the beauty of these lovely blooms. Flowers like this make our world a special place and show us that they are still "heroines and heros" in this world that we can honor...


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