Friday, June 10, 2011

 Rummaging through the garage I found this
amaryllis plant wrapped in a plastic bag tied in a knot
that was placed on the shelf since January
no water, no light
When I opened the bag, the tip of the plant had a touch of green
so I planted it in a spare pot and look
what has happened.....
who knew?


  1. What a beauty, looking like a fairy's wings ready to sprinkle silver and pink dust here and there. Awesome find.

  2. Mine, that I had forgotten, bloomed again this year...I love it when that happens =-)

  3. What a beautiful plant, great garage find! Rummaging around in my garage would only result in turning up a few nuts and bolts...Lol.

  4. Magical! It knew it was in your garage!

  5. Oh what a fun surprise!
    Many years ago I had a cymbidium plant that would not bloom after I had pampered it for years. So, it got tossed to the side of the yard and guess had beautiful blooms the next year!

  6. Mine is in a pot outdoors also. It's from two Christmas' ago and blooms in late May here. Fun! It doesn't look as spectacular as the first Christmas, but that's OK. I love it anyway.

  7. A lovely touch of spring at the start of summer! :-)))

    Enjoy your weekend!!


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