Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Again, more rain
in fact, a storm
My mind is not present this morning, but rather lost and wandering
about what I have to do and what can't be done because of so much rain
and I want to curse it.....bringing so many mosquitoes
that I can hardly stay in the garden even if I wanted to venture
into mud and more mud

Then I see the glass flower that has captured rainwater
I have seen butterflies drink from this very unreal flower
a resting station....a place to sip...
and then they are off... about their duty alighting on flowers
my path has led me to a moment

water held in glass
a butterfly takes a sip
vessels of moment


  1. that's beautiful.... captured it nicely!


  2. JJ do you like haiku?
    It is a fascinating artform
    I keep trying
    thanks for the visit

  3. I've such busy mind
    Haiku escapes me
    Water refreshed

    See, I cannot stop
    Missed You

  4. Beautiful!! I love meeting new friends who have souls that match mine own. :)


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