Thursday, June 9, 2011

 It rained all night
and this morning it continues to rain
...thunder and lighting
I ran out and filled the feeders
for the hungry goldfinches
that sat on my chandelier bird feeder waiting for me
and I even saw a robin dipping and splashing in the
birdbath...what gives with robins and bathing? a storm?
The above pictured candle holder was filled with water
..this season has been crazy
Oh and the mosquitoes....woe
this wench must be desirable
and sweet....they descended upon me
as I was doing my good deed...itch itch

..still no Handsome


  1. Your garden picture is very pretty. I love to see the birds splashing in the bath.

  2. I spend so much money on bird food and etc! The finches are so sweet. And, I love watching bird taking their bath in the bird bath and then take a drink. Oh well.
    We had a beautiful sunny day.
    It has been a long time coming here in CA.


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