Saturday, July 2, 2011

magic vehicle

 I went about deadheading this morning,and this simple act
took me away
as the fragrance of spent marigold flowers released in my hand
a powerful vehicle for time traveling
As the scent began to enter my brain as memory
fragrance of another kind filled my being
longing for my grandpa and the days spent in his garden with him
a simple thing...who would think I would remember so powerfully this scent
that as an adult I seek out the dead flowers to rub between my fingers
to find him in the darkness of my closed eyes
for truly it has the magic to put me there

deadheading flowers
closed eyes I see him and me
magic vehicle


  1. I see we're both nostalgic today. Scent can be such a strong reminder.

  2. Fragrance.... the conveyor of memories.
    We live with the sweet scent of our childhood.
    Lovely post. Wonderful haiku.

  3. oh Vicki the minute I pressed that marigold flower to my nose...the longing was so real
    Farmlady...yes it is...gladly so

  4. That is absolutely beautiful, Sue. Love when those things happen.

  5. Such a lovely sentiment of your time with your Grandpa., and in the garden, your Open Bar of Joy.


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