Tuesday, June 21, 2011

tulip poplar

 Rain greeted me the day after my return from Wisconsin
Everything looked so wild and unkempt, but so happy
This morning the sun shown brightly
I stepped outside and entered my Open Bar of Joy
Someone must have done a REALLY good job of filling the feeders
...all the seed is gone

The little wards of yellow and red and black and orange
wait in the trees
but they must wait some more
It is the first day of summer and I desire to enter this space of being
So long was the winter
so much longing inside of me
for this very day

I walk the garden..see what has arrived or poked its head through or wandered in
while I was gone....and I am struck by the story told to me from little on
that..God walked the garden...I see the footsteps in my mind's eye
and place my feet in them
....a sliver of happiness before me

I looked up and beheld....yes, that is the word...beheld
for it is full of awe..this sighting of the first tulip flower on the tulip Poplar tree
and already I feel the pull of autumn
But I tuck it away and see the moment and am happy

walk in the garden
tulip poplar's first blossom
I return with awe

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