Friday, June 24, 2011

making and finding peace

 I can't seem to shake this tiredness since returning home
from writing workshop

It stopped raining so I took a walk in the garden
began pulling a weed here a weed there and before I knew it I was full steam into weeding happily lost in thought of nothing and everything
Close by me was mama rabbit.....I know there is a papa many little ones
scurrying around. She got pretty close to me and started eating some of the weeds I had pulled...
to bad not the thistle...I wish they ate thistle....and goldenrod and nightshade...but they don't
In fact...I am here to tell you that little hare wench and her brood ate my new Cardinal flowers...and my newly planted Black-eyed Susans (since they ate all of them last year)
We looked each other in the eye...made peace and went about our tasks.....
Later in the morning I came inside for a drink of water. I heard chattering in the service berries
..low and behold....a branch of little miniature black capped chickadee babies....begging their parent for a seed or two...from my feeder....What a sight....thank you
What would I do without a garden to heal and comfort me?
...Two months...still no Handsome.....a broken heart I carry inside


  1. Oh that beautiful bunny! and oh, Handsome where are you?

    Julie bought a millet plant for me. I had admired her's on her deck last year, as the little birds would come and eat from it in the Fall. Well, here is mine on my deck, and the other morning when i went out one seed flower was chomped off and the next day the other! I am sure it's Mister Squirrel, as I have see him on my deck before snatching bulbs that were waiting to be planted. Scoundrel.

  2. The garden is always healing....

  3. I've often found healing in my garden too--There really is such peace isn't there?

  4. You are such a delight!!! :D I smile just seeing your blog name. :) And as far as sewing and baking bread...well, you know, all sisters have different personalities, qualities, talents, sometimes even a different parent *gasp* but you and I---oh girl, we are SISTERS OF THE HEART AND SOUL!!! :D I'm sooooo glad I finally found you!! :D
    Hugs, Angie

    Oh, and ps, I want DESPERATELY for the little ChenChickadees to come hang out here in my back yard, please!!

  5. you express so wonderfully. I am there weeding and at peace with the forest friends that dine on my labor.
    I will wish for Handsome to return to you. Where oh where did he go. You are tired with a full mind and heart from all you have learned at your's! verification word, is calmest...go for it...

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