Monday, January 31, 2011

Not what I was hoping for

So far, we have been lucky in the snow department...but for me it has still been too much. But now they are saying we may get 18-30 inches of snow by Wednesday with 50mph winds. I have been dreaming of tulips and daffodils and trilliums and Jacks....Oh dear...can I hold onto hope a bit longer?
This is good for me....learning to accept and find joy and beauty in what is...
for it is what is and I must live it as it comes
and it is my heart and spirit's job to hold onto that hope
and to embrace the beauty of the day given
My poor wards...I must get out and have enough seed and peanuts and catfood
for all of them..for this is going to challenge the best of them
and those Robins.....

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