Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I braved the walk outside to fill the feeders.
It is really starting to get windy and the snow is beginning,
so I hurriedly filled them after finding half of them down on the ground opened up.
Hmmm...I wonder who did that?
I made sure Handsome's heater was on and working and that his water bowl was plugged in ,too
but I have not seen him for about 4 days. ... I will make sure food is out for him ,too
I only hope the snow is not too heavy and that it will not damage the trees or bushes
but if it does...what can you do? This is winter in his prime
his glorious lap around the landscape.....
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  1. Yes, it is Winter's time. His visits are short, though they SEEM never-ending! His chilly visit makes us appreciate his friendlier siblings even more!
    But what would we do without him!

  2. Hope you are surviving the storm okay, Suz. I hear it's a bad one. Your so kind to look out for handsome and your other wards. I hope they come through this okay.

  3. Oh, I love that line Sue - "winter's glorious lap around the landscape" ...and I hope Handsome found his spot.

  4. We were supposed to get hit with that same storm you got only it sort of dodged us but we got plenty. Especially ice. They are already calling for light intermittent snow Sun. & Mom.


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