Tuesday, January 25, 2011


They land in the oak tree en mass,and are very noisy,almost giddy.
In summer they are this way too,when I cast out bits of old bread.
When they arrive, everything else gets pushed out.
Their scout must have seen the robins or the squirrels in the Hawthorne trees
and went back to report this new source of food.
I don't mind these clowns of the bird world, they too bring me joy
watching them fight each other in the branches, the berries falling on the ground
for an attentive squirrel to find.
I am so happy that I don't let the landscaper cut my Hawthorne's..despite his protests that
they need it. 
No, my wards need the food source and you would trim them when they are flowering..for that is your way...and when you do that..there are no berries.
I may not be..no I AM not ...the best gardener around
but I have the best
Open Bar of Joy
around these here parts


  1. You are so welcoming of all critters great and small :o)

    I thought of you this afternoon when I saw a robin perched in a tree outside my window. My Open Bar of Joy was spectacular this morning ... woke up to a glimpse of a Townsend Warbler checking out the feeders.

  2. No way! Do you get warblers all year?! We have to wit until around May to maybe see them passing through....So happy you have your own Open Bar of Joy....
    and a robin...was he singing?
    ours are still here just chirping


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