Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding Joy in winter

Some call you pest,
I call you Joy this morning
...running with your pals,feasting
on the Hawthorne berries
your mouth holding onto one
like gold
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  1. That is lovely Suz. I was so excited when I saw My first squirrel in London..we have none in NZ. I couldn't understand how some people thought of them as 'rats'etc. I always think if there were only two left in the world...pigeons, sparrows..

  2. ha I'm with you Joan
    are we not all God's creatures
    fitting into the grand plan?

  3. Dear Suz, Oh, for me he is the demon incarnate. But what a glorious image you have captured here.

  4. Even in this bitterness of winter cold, you find whimsy in a squirrel's antics...loveya for it. Thanks for the smile you gave me.

  5. I cold only wish to express my joy about nature as well as you.I enjoy reading your words,they draw me even closer to nature and outdoors,bringing peace and balance in my life.Keep on exploring your new found love of photography .A moment captured in time. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face,and warmth to my heart!

  6. Why Kleech,I pull the curtain of nature aside and there I find the creator of it all
    and that is the source of my joy
    Oh and photography...I'm a klutz
    But you have brought joy to me sharing in this love of nature
    communicating it..and someone knows
    this feeling or maybe I can awaken them to look...thanks dear Kleech
    I will watch for you behind me!


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