Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Boo loves to birdwatch

With all the traffic outside by the Hawthornes
Boo has insisted on a front row seat.
yesterday, he was chased around the house all day by my little grandson,Finn
who giggled everytime he whacked Boo in the head with the feather stick.
So, I guess I can open the shutters and let the poor fella have a good look
Have you ever heard a cat give the killing sound....? I was shocked when I heard little Boo,
my hand raised little Boo do this. I guess he is growing up to be a male cat.
Enjoy your look out the window....for that's all you'll get.
No cat killing going on in my my kitty.
I walked around the yard this morning... looking for some joy,
and found least any worth taking photos of,
for you see..I have to stretch my imagination to see joy on
such a dreary day....and most of it is the same.....making it less joyful.
But I do hold joy in my heart with the birds and the squirrels, and yes the hawk
as I see him fly over I see the buds swelling a bit more on the Horsechesnut tree (I'm certain!)

Today, I am making "throw in what you have" chicken noodle soup
and cracking open a new book
all this while Boo is lost in the moment at the window

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  1. I am also making soup:)
    What book are you starting? I just finished Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.
    A nice read, not fabulous.
    Any suggestions?
    And I must pay closer attention to your home in Galena, perhaps you could post a few pics to refresh me;)

  2. Made that same soup last night!
    just finished the Lonely Polygamist, loved the first 90%!!

  3. I love reading your writings about your cat and all the starlings. I used to have a bird feeder, a squirrel resistant one. It is still there but we got every mouse in the city of Lincoln, so stopped feeding them. The mice came in through the tinniest hole or crack and in a house that is very old , they started to overrun us.

  4. My Rocky does the same.
    He can spend hours watching the birds and squirrels.
    He flips his tail.

  5. Boo Darcy is so big! I remember when he was just a tiny little thing. Do you mean those chattering noises they make? My guys do that, too, when they watch the birds at the feeder. I remind them we don't kill birds in this house.

    Whatcha reading?

  6. I'm reading "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane"
    a gripping supernatural far so good

  7. Suz, we are in the same boat as far as weather. They thought we would not get as much but they are forecasting6 to 10 inches of snow and bitterly cold tonight and into tomorow and probably Wed. Morning.


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