Saturday, January 22, 2011


Just after I was moaning about dreary,arctic winter
Look who flew in
18 robins!!!!!
I am beside myself....and I don't know how to use this new camera
I am flustered...can you tell!?!?
down in my heart
Those hawthorne berrries are doing what they are supposed to do
Oh joy!
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  1. I had robins recently too!! In fact, I meant to mention it to you. It seems so odd---it worries me with all the strange nature/wildlife events taking place lately. I loved seeing them but.....somethings haywire!!

  2. Very exciting!!! When you sit down to look at the camera stuff, it can be overwhelming. I had to play with the million and one settings:) Have fun playing around with you new toy!:)

  3. You are one very lucky lady.
    Nature has blessed you.

    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  4. How wonderful, Suz. That must have been such a treat. I recently read an article about more and more hummingbirds wintering in the eastern US. Something is definitely changing with the migratory habits of birds.

  5. Oh do you think something is wrong? I never thought about that...if my robins all drop dead...perish the thought

  6. They're so beautiful, Sue. What a winter picture!

  7. Sue,
    What a beautiful picture of the robins sitting in the Hawthorne tree. We have seen them also flying in flocks and our winters are very cold.-25 with the wind chill just last week so I'm sure they can handle you winter climate ok.
    When I see these birds I always think that spring can't come soon enough.
    You cat Boo is a treasure and I just love the window shot of him.


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