Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Really,little squirrel
do you think I would hurt you?
I see you hiding,hugging the trunk of
the Alder tree,fleeing from me
as I walk in the garden
I see your nest has blown apart
If you only knew that I would help you
rebuild it,shaking leaves off of the trees
leaving lint and string and branches for you
You and your friends bring me joy
and laughter everyday with your antics
leaping from tree to tree
hanging by your toes off of the feeders
upside down
..sometimes flipping over on the ground
in silly clown like manner
Now that is determination
and survival
No I would never hurt you
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  1. Oh your squirrel is so very lovely, a beautiful creature. What joy it must be to watch him and his friends play in your garden! I saw squirrels for my first and only time in Epping Forest during my time in the UK and I could have watched them all day. Just magic.
    Enjoy your time in Galena, maybe you will take a photo or two ;-)

  2. I love this Suz, we have had a very special squirrel visit our garden recently. :-)

    (There are photos on my blog)

  3. I love to watch them too. Love squirrels! They do make you smile. Don't you wonder what they're thinking?

  4. If that squirrel only knew ... I wish I could let the birds that come to my feeder know that they have nothing to fear from me, that they don't need to fly away when I peek out at them, that I only want to provide nourishment and maybe get a picture or two in return ...

  5. I know what you mean goldenbird...

  6. We have so many squirrels at our Grass Valley house. They are so brave and actually come right up to our glass sliding door in the kitchen to say "hi" to Rocky which really makes our big guy mad.

    It was a lovely sunny day today. Really enjoy the sun but oh so cold.

  7. rocky and the squirrels..ha ha what a sight


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