Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mugo pines

From the family room window
I saw the Chickadee hiding
in the mugo pines and I remembered
the late spring day that I decided to cut
these mugos down.
As I was ready to put cutters to branch
I saw movement and stopped,
spread some branches and saw
a tiny nest just below the top needles.

From the nearby climbing rose trellis,
 I saw a Purple finch balancing on metal
watching the danger that was near by its young.
The finch doesn't know that I am the one that leaves
food in the feeders for them,
or that I plant perrenials for seed,
or that I am vigiliant about keeping Hawk away.
It only knew that I had found its nest and babies
and it was helpless to do anything
but try to distract me.
Needless to say the mugo was spared

Now, on this winter day I am happy
to see that it provides shelter
for Chickadees, too,
away from the eyes of hungry Henry Hawk.

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  1. I marvel at the unspoken relationship I have with the many wild creatures around here. They have no idea I am the one who puts out bird food (though they sit in the trees and scold me and chatter amongst themselves as I fill the feeders), or the I rescue their insect/arachnid/reptilian selves when they accidentally find their way into my closet/house/garage...I had a lizard in my closet yesterday, and he tried so hard to avoid me, looking at me in startled wariness when I set him loose outside on the lawn. I have plants that I don't really like that I leave just because I know the birds like them...

  2. Oh Bee I just love you
    I rescued a muskrat this fell into our window well...I posted about it with pictures...not sure where...he was a neighbor would have whacked him with a I give thanks for another soul on this earth who cares about the creatures.....hug

  3. How wonderful you are as guardian of all creatures. They are so fortunate to live in your garden even if they don't know all the care and thought you give for their protection. I love the world that you share here.

  4. Bless you both. And that pine, Sue - what a marvelous protector.


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