Tuesday, January 18, 2011

keeping faith

Keeping faith
it's all I have some days
especially these days of gloomy dull skies of white
where it's hard to tell where the horizon is..when the sun is hidden
Living in a dreary monochromatic world of winter
Sure, today it will rain and wash away most of the snow
revealing an even worst sight....a muddy lifeless garden
and later it will drop in temperature and there will be an icy layer over everything

But I must as the author states...keep faith in Spring...even when it is gone
I hope today to get my camera to transfer pictures so I can show you what joy I have found
even in all this protracted nothingness of dreary winter days.. when even a fire in the fireplace doesn't help
nor stew in the pot...it is color I seek...crave..and humming bees and flitting butterflies
and jumping toads.....and most of all the robins...
I even went so far as to listen to robin calls
on the computer
...now that is longing

I look to the sky
and call you by name
return,return my robins
I will gather twigs
and yarn and drier lint
scatter them across the ground
for your return, leave
a lace of tinsel
to decorate your nest
Rest up and eat
for your long journey back
I wait, looking to the sky
for spring

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  1. If I could bottle up sunshine and bird call I would send them to you. The robins are getting ready for their return, though...enticed by the adornments you offer for their springtime homes. It's going to happen!

  2. Like Quiltnbee I would like to be able to send you sunshine and birdcall - only we are having the tail end of a cyclone pass over just now and our skies are grey and the wind is howling around the house ...but it's hot and humid!
    We are off south in a week and I am looking forward to seeing my friends - the birds of the bush including our very friendly South Island robins.
    Take care and dreams of spring, fill your mind with colour.

  3. Oh Bee if only you could
    I did see an owl fly across trees the other night...silently..a thrill
    You say they are getting ready to return?! Oh my..I believe you..thank you

    Oh Marilyn...so happy that you will see your robins soon..your little robins as I recall..not our big chested robin redbreasts
    enjoy your time with your forest
    as I recall..it is a magical place

  4. The first patches of snowdrops are out in my garden and the aconites won't be long now.

    On top of such joys I am now keeping the dog's combed out fur for the birds nests.

    Oh happiness..

  5. Oh Friko I am envious...not really, I am happy for you
    ANd you put out fur for your wards to use for their nesting material...how wonderful
    I only have cats...I wonder how they would react to that? ha ha
    Aconites...my favorite..so beautiful..so happy looking

  6. Oh Sue, What a beautiful poem of hope and promise. I too am looking forward now to Spring. Enough is enough!


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