Thursday, January 13, 2011

renovated birdhouse

Squirrel chewed through this birdhouse
I think for fun...or to relieve his need for gnawing

but one morning ( I can't show you because my kitty, Boo, broke my camera..)
while drinking coffee and watching the snow fall outside my kitchen window
I spotted a large furry mass stuffed inside this opening,peering out like he was all comfy and cozy
Ha! the image of squirrel sitting on the nest, was too funny
Joy,pure joy in the morning

I saw the hawk get a bunny yesterday
tear it apart, scatter its fur all over the lawn
broke my heart,but my husband says
he's in the rodent family and they are a food source
more are hiding in the bushes and under debris
But if I don't cry for his death ache for his suffering
life is discounted
and they bring me joy and now one of my little furry joys is gone
how can I explain my loss
The little ones scurrying across my path in the spring
will make me remember this bunny
and that even in my Open Bar of Joyall parts of life happen,even death..
..I must hold the promise,the rebirth of spring
in my heart and mind...and enjoy what is before me
and that is squirrel playing in the chewed out birdhouse
and yes, it is joy
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  1. How funny that you have nesting squirrels. Sorry about your loss ... that is hard. The natural world can be brutal.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have given them a condo.

  3. I have just found your blogs...I am so looking forward to browsing. What I have read so far is lovely and beautiful and just what I need.

  4. Oh dear...the joys and the heartaches. and...seeing these pix, I thought you had a new camera!

  5. nope,not yet April
    I have an old one that I can't figure out how to put them onto my computer....old age
    but this time I'm going for a good one like you have...Remember when you got a good shot of that Phoebe at the girlscout camp? that kind..hey did you ever post those?

  6. I did laugh at the squirrel finding himself a very stylish open plan home..great indoor outdoor flow!
    I felt the same about the poor wee sparrows flipped out of their nests, by starlings I think. I gave them a proper burial in my garden even though Willow the cat would have eaten them.

  7. Oh I hate when that happens..wrens are good for doing that...poor little babies..and yes willow would have..Once i hand raised a sparrow..feeding it every hour until it got its wing feathers
    BUT when it began to chirp
    it sealed its fate
    my Smokey got him...poor little thing..all I found was the cage on the floor door open
    I will never get over that one never even if I live a thousand years...I howled for an hour
    Now why did I tell you all that..sorry

  8. Oh my what a horrible thing to see in your yard.
    Wow, did the squirrels really tear open that birdhouse.
    Spring...oh dear I think we have more winter yet to come.

  9. frustrating when blogspot doesn't work properly!
    This time I can leave a comment.
    I loved reading of your joy at finding a squirrel had adapted your birdhouse into his own private apartment. I would so love to see that. But how sad to see what happened to the bunny, the forces of nature can be so hard ...too hard for me! Give me joy any day ..everyday!

  10. "All parts of life...even death" I like that and must remember it. Also must remind myself that animals are not people in cute little furry or feathered coats, their "emotions" and reactions are not like ours and their worlds are, yes, very brutal. Nature is naturally brutal. It still hurts me though to see these little tragedies.


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