Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This lantern no longer holds light, but seed
two fragile glass sides broken years ago
but where one purpose is gone another arises
and I watch with joy as the chicadees flit in and out
grabbing a seed and flying away
until the squirrel is awakened by their need to cheep as they do so
and he comes down off his sleeping branch and parks
his bushy body and tail inside the lantern and dines until its all gone
One day he played statue inside these two remaining walls
while hawk sat in the nearby tree
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  1. Suz Nature is always amusing to watch..but the trick is to see it happen! Great idea for a lantern that lights in a different way!
    Stay warm!waving from sunny Arizona

  2. How wonderful to be able to see this being played out. What a wonderful you have/make in your garden. I would love to stand at your window and see this for myself.

  3. I have some old pieces I would love to convert for birds- but my 2 barn cats are far too good at stalking- they harassed a poor house wren so much when she chose a little house hanging off my crab apple last year, I doubt the pair will be back!

  4. So cute. I love the latern and what fun the "kids" in you yard are using it now that it is broken!


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