Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sweet woodruff

I found you stretching in the light this morning
surprised you were there dressed in green.
Haven't you been nipped by freezing cold
and buried under inches of snow?
But there you sit,
nestled in pine needles and  hosta leaves,
happy to greet me this morning.
But, my little dears, don't stick your heads up too far,
Old Winter is only taking a hot cocoa break,
he'll be back with all his fury
looking to spread his coat over everything
and stay


  1. I love your words to your sweet woodruff, and your warning of winter still to come.

  2. Suz - I have been reading your comment to me below about where you live and I understand what you are saying. That your soul is crying out for a place of real beauty. I know this, I recognise this myself as I feel and hear my soul crying out for the same.
    I too live in an area of house next to house and our section (as the piece of land around our house is called in NZ) is very small so my soul wants space and beauty too. But because I live in a small rural town I can walk away from our street of houses and be in farmland within a few minutes and from my kitchen window I look out to hills on the horizon ...but I do want a place with a big lawn, gracious trees and beauty around me. Maybe I can have this in our next place!
    We do have our bush block down south but at this stage (for many reasons) we only spend time there on our summer holidays and it is heaven, just magic. Our camp is very primitive but I am OK with that. The rest of the year I use it as my movable feast and revisit in my mind.

  3. What is that pretty little ground cover? Awwwwww.

  4. Oh! Sweet Woodruff! It is so sweet.

  5. Marilyn...I knew we communicated very well....to surrounded with beauty in flowers in trees ...is healing...healing from what I'm not certain...but it heals me from alllife's little wounds and disappointments...and I have found that it is a miracle to look and find beauty and joy in the smallest of things..in the garden which is really a tiny area...sometimes it is only one flower that I pay attention to that brings me this joy...and it is enough..but we do have our home in Galena..which lately we haven't been to verymuch...there are woods there behind the house...and nearby farms and vistas We are going this weekend..yeah

  6. Suz,
    I just love your posts so much! My mom and dad have a small yard in St. George, Utah and feed many birds. they have a hawk that occasionally swoops down for a meal. My dad did the same as you, a stand-off. They stared each other down a while, my dad yelled at him/her to go away, and finally after he threw something at it, the hawk finally flew off.
    I kind of feel like they have to eat, too, especially since civilization has encroached so upon their hunting grounds. But on the other hand, you don't want to feel like your providing an all you can eat buffet!

  7. Cathycan...Oh I would never throw anythng at him...but I do stare him down...I just am glad I'm a bit too big for him to consider lifting!
    I have no idea what grows in Utah
    have to look it up...


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